Who we are

We are a team of ordinary citizens without any political bearing or corporate agenda, advocating animal rights and protection of wild life.
With love and respect for our pawed, winged and feathered, finned, and otherwise non-human friends, we have come together in a collective mission towards liberation and protection of animals.

The murder of Avni marked the beginning of our struggle to fight against animal abuse, poaching and deforestation. Our mode of operation is to create social awareness on the one hand, and seek legal recourse on the other to ensure justice, as well as send the message to all concerned that The Law does, indeed, exist.

Our aim

There is an adage that says, a single rebel can start a revolution. Our definition of revolution is bound by lines of peace, humility and respect towards nature and human laws. Wild animals are challenged and endangered when their natural habitats are destroyed and encroached upon. And this leads to the perennial man-animal conflict which a bit of thoughtfulness and empathy could avert.

We are not against development per se, but definitely and defiantly averse to what costs us our biodiversity and natural reserves.

The tragic, untimely killing of Avni has pushed us towards a fight for change. We want justice for Avni and her cubs.

We want to put a stop to indiscriminate deforestation in the name of development without regard for global climate change and environmental pressures.

We want concrete measures by the Government to preserve our biodiversity.

We want the original human inhabitants to lead peaceful lives in harmony with the forest and its animals – as has been the case in certain others parts of India since a very long time.

We also want the government to curb poaching and other unlawful acts.

And we will ensure we get what we want – through strictly legal means, and by creating mass awareness.

But most importantly, we want you to ask yourselves:
’what are we leaving behind for our children and future generations to come?

What will be the state of the Earth and its rich wildlife by the time all the Avnis’ of the planet disappear?

Would you want to live in such a dystopian reality?’

If not, then let us join forces and raise our collective voices against human callousness and corruption that threatens to eventually lay bare the very planet we live in. We have killed 60% of all animal species already. It is time to put a stop to this madness.

Our actions

We are taking juristic steps to seek justice for the murder of Avni, and the rehabilitation of her orphaned nine-month-old cubs. Our team and lawyers aim to bring about a detailed investigation to unearth the truth behind the cowardly killing of Avni and, as we have come to find out, of numerous others like her before.

We are also actively seeking support and cooperation from fellow animal-lovers, activists, law practitioners, scientists, doctors, students and anybody with a heart and soul to lend a voice to the voiceless.

How you can help

if you empathize with our cause and wish to stand with us in our fight for justice, there are quite a few ways in which you could help.

Spread the word on social media. Yes, we know there are keyboard warriors all around us, but unless the world knows what we are fighting for, we are not likely to garner much support. And we suspect that even the lawgivers are sometimes swayed by resurgent public opinion.

If you have a particular set of skills that you think could benefit us in our quest, please feel free to write to us. We receive a lot of mails, and it would help us appreciate your offer more easily if you could be very specific about how you think you can help.

And finally, this is not a world where anything come for free. Even bringing about justice costs money. If you think you have something you can spare for our cause (it is your cause, too, whether you realize it or not), that will certainly strengthen us further.

Speaking of, this website is hosted for free courtesy of Mr Christopher Smith of HostXNow.Com. He has never met any of us in real life but was kind enough to offer permanently free hosting just because he cared for our cause. We are grateful.

Just as we are privileged to have Mr. Pratik Sawant’s permission to use his copyrighted wildlife photography on our site.

And we are thankful for sites like Pixabay which provide no-attribution required creative commons licensed photography even for commercial use (our logo and header images use Pixabay material).

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